Degree Requirements for Studies in Equity and Social Diversity in the U.S. Graduate Certificate

Graduate certificate coursework focuses on the experiences of U.S. racial/ethnic minorities (e.g. African American/Black, Native American/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, Latinx) and on U.S. marginalized populations (e.g. gender, gender expression, sexuality, disabilities). Students must take a total of 12 graduate credit hours of coursework. Courses for this certificate are categorized into three pathways.

Pathway 1: US Race and Ethnicity
Pathway 2: Women, Gender and Sexuality
Pathway 3: US Social Differences


Students must develop a plan of study in consultation with and approved by a faculty advisor. This plan of study must include a concentration consisting of at least 6 credit hours of coursework in one of the three pathways. At least one course (3 credit hours) must be taken in a pathway other than the concentration. At least two courses (6 credit hours) must be taken at the 700 level or above. Approved courses for each pathway can be found on the Approved Pathway Courses list.


Coursework for this certificate takes place primarily face-to-face, but limited online options are available.