M.A. in Leadership in Diversity & Inclusion

Congratulations to our recent graduates!

Joseph Eubanks, M.A., Spring 2023

Sabrina Monsees, M.A., Spring 2023

Cheisa Myles, M.A., Spring 2023

Taylor Obersteadt, M.A., Spring 2023

Natasha Patel, M.A., Summer 2023

Jaden Wilcoxson, M.A., Summer 2023

Mozhda Radmanish, Graduate Certificate in Studies in Equity and Social Diversity in the U.S., Spring 2023

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What is a master's in leadership in diversity and inclusion?

Our program offers graduate students and working professionals tools and techniques to better understand and navigate leadership opportunities within the context of social diversity and equity in the United States. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and includes coursework related to leadership studies, U.S. race and ethnicity, women, gender, & sexuality, and U.S. social differences. The program also includes a professionalization seminar and a capstone project.